About Us



All the proceeds that are raised at Mitch’s run will go to help kids in our area. Our main goal is the third Mitch Adams Memorial Scholarship for a 2019 NU graduate. In June 2017, we awarded the first Mitch Adams Memorial Scholarship to a Nevada Union graduate because Mitch would have graduated in 2017. We were very honored to have been able to give $6800--instead of the $4000 that we had promised--since he was  #68 on the NU Football team. Last June we were very proud to award the second Mitch Adams Memorial Scholarship, again $6800. We have also been able to gift $3000 to NU Football, $2000 to the new Strength and Conditioning Center, and $650 to local Breakdance students. We are so grateful for all of your support which allows us to give in our son’s name. Thank you!